Hey ladies! Sophie & Kylene here.

We are both Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (FDN-Ps) who struggled with our own hormone and digestive health issues for years before healing our bodies with functional nutrition and simple lifestyle changes.


Whether you are bloated, dealing with constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, painful cycles, irregular cycles, or no cycle at all, PMS, you name it - we’ve had it... and overcome it naturally.

Take Charge of your Gut & Period Health!

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Sophie Shepherd

Sophie Shepherd is a Functional Period Health Coach and the Founder of SHE TALKS HEALTH, an online functional health coaching practice for women with chronic menstrual cycle issues.

She is a former Broadway Stage Manager turned Corporate Event Planner who became enamored with functional nutrition after it healed her Hashimoto’s and chronic digestive issues.

In her private practice, she uses comprehensive lab testing, diet and lifestyle changes to help empower her clients to move from hormone hell to hormone harmony.

Sophie is on a mission to bring education and inspiration to women worldwide by featuring trail-blazing providers, biz-owners, doctors, and innovators in the women’s health space each week on the SHE Talks Health Podcast. 

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Kylene Terhune

Kylene Terhune is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, wife, mom, dog- mom and foodie. A former opera singer turned health nerd, she runs a virtual health coaching practice working with women who struggle with chronic digestive symptoms using functional lab testing, lifestyle changes, nutrition and supplementation she and her clients identify healing opportunities and support the body to better health. 

Her mission is to empower women in the home to go from homemakers to healthmakers through education, action, and simple lifelong changes.

After getting diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and using an integrative treatment approach to get into remission 5 months later, she is now an advocate for integrative cancer care within the Hodgkin’s community in order to help women support their bodies, avoid side effects and recover quickly. Kylene is currently in classes for a graduate certificate in nutrition oncology and she remains in remission over 1 year later. 

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