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Each EmpowerHER Package includes:

  • 12 weeks of online video modules so that you have a foundational understanding of how your body works
  • Worksheets and quick reference guides to condense the information and make it easily digestible (pun intended)
  • Weekly live Q&A calls with Kylene and Sophie - two Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners who specialize in gut and hormone health!
  • An intimate private community of women committed to making lasting changes to their health and going through the exact same health issues as you!


  1. Hormone & Gut Supportive Recipe Books so you never have to wonder what to eat to fuel your body even if you have specific food sensitivities!
  2. Daily Healthy Habits Checklist - we know you’ve got a lot on your plate so we like to simply this to fit into your busy schedule!

Lifestyle Package


3 Months

  • Everything listed in the overview above
  • Ability to purchase Lab Add-Ons to have Sophie or Kylene review either the GI-Map Stool Test or the DUTCH Hormone Test (as needed) to create a personalized health protocol for you.

VIP Package


3 Months

  • Everything listed in the overview above 
  • Includes 2 Lab Add-Ons:
    We run 2 Comprehensive Functional Lab Tests (the GI MAP & DUTCH) to take a look into your specific gut and period health (lab fees need to be paid extra). 

    You also get 2 personalized 45-min hormone & digestive health results & recommendations session based on your health goals and functional lab results.

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