The Gut-Hormone-Connection

Workshop for burned out, type A, high achieving moms, workaholics, and entrepreneurs.

Never feel stuck in your health again - instead, discover the steps you can take to feel empowered and take action on your gut, hormone and food immediately! 

There are two types of women in the world ...

Action takers who are fully ready to take control of their health and get back in the drivers seat and watchers who let their health slip through their fingers.

This interactive workshop is for the action takers who are ready to finally feel better.

We are so excited to share with you the simple steps you can all take to ditch the medicine cabinet and the period and digestive hell and finally feel at peace in your body again.

For $37 you’ll receive:

  • A fillable workbook to help identify your unique needs, and establish diet, mindset, and gut health goals and ACTION STEPS to get you there.
  • Access to the replay of 2 hours of guided training with us, Kylene & Sophie, as we guide you through PINPOINTING mental roadblocks, rewiring your mindset around health, and discovering what gut & hormone imbalances may be keeping you from feeling your BEST.
  • A CLEAR understanding of what the heck may be happening in your body and how you can best SUPPORT your gut, hormone, and diet choices moving forward.
Gut-Hormone-Food Connection (REPLAY)

$37.00 USD
Gut-Hormone-Mood Connection (REPLAY)

$37.00 USD